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Wondering About Dog Laws in the Anchorage Area? Here are some dog rules to follow to avoid getting cited by an Anchorage Animal Control Officer in The Municipality of Anchorage, which includes Eklutna, Chugiak, Eagle River, Bird Creek, Girdwood and Portage.

Outside of your property:

1. Dogs must wear a current Municipality of Anchorage dog license tag.

2. Scoop the poop.

3. You must use a leash, with the following exceptions:

You can let your dog off-leash at a designated off-leash dog park, with the following guidelines:

- You are responsible for what your dog does.

- Carry a leash on hand.

- Do not bring a female in heat.

In other places, you can let your dog off-leash for an activity like fetch:

- Only if your dog is controlled by voice command.

- Contact with others must be minimized.

Off And On Your Property:

1. Households with four or more dogs must get a multi-animal facility license from the city.

2. If a dog gets a contagious disease, he or she must be confined from other animals.

3. Dogs must be up to date with Rabies vaccinations.

4. If barking is a nuisance and you receive three notices of violation within one year, your dog could get taken away from you.

5. Avoid buying a wolf hybrid.

These are basic tips about rules that good dog owners may not be aware of. This is based on our interpretation and is not legal advice. For details about pet laws in the Municipality of Anchorage, go to the source:

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